Justin Bieber’s Stepmom-To-Be Is Only 7 Years Older Than Him

Jason Merritt/Getty Images

Jeremy Bieber, as in the dad of Justin Bieber, is a weird dude. It seems like he only got in contact with his son after he rose to fame, but it was the comment about the Biebs’ skinny dipping photos that really disgusted us. Guess we shouldn’t be super surprised that Jeremy just got engaged to a 28 year old, meaning Justin Bieber’s new stepmom will only be seven years older than him.

According to TMZ, 41-year-old Jeremy Bieber proposed to his longtime girlfriend Chelsey Rebelo last week while on vacation in St. Barts. TMZ also says Justin and the rest of the family are fans of Chelsey despite the age gap. Hey – it’s working for Beyonce and Jay Z, and they’re 12 years apart in age.

So let’s get to know Chelsey a little better. Check out photos of her and Jeremy Bieber below.

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