The 5 Lessons You’ll Learn From Being Cheated On That Will Benefit Your Next Relationship


I bet you didn’t think there was anything good about getting cheated on, huh?

I know what you’re thinking… how could I possibly learn anything from getting cheated on? You can though. Take it from me… the minute you get passed the fact that he cheated on you, you’re able to see the beauty in the situation. You are able to look out for yourself in the next relationship. Here are five lessons you’ll learn from being cheated on that will effortlessly benefit your next relationship. Let’s get into it.

1. How to reciprocate actions without overdoing it.

Often times what pisses us off about being cheated on isn’t the actual act of cheating. It’s when you think about all the things you have done for him and still he chooses to go messing around with some girl who–let’s face it–doesn’t have sh*t on you. Most women are natural givers. When we are in a committed relationship we give so much of ourselves even if he doesn’t reciprocate those same actions. With your next relationship, you’ll know how much effort is too much effort. You’ll be a lot more conscious about overdoing things which, in turn, will encourage your next boyfriend to take the lead in much of the giving. You deserve someone who is romantic. You deserve someone who wants to do for you even if you’re not doing for them first. It will be much easier to see this now.

2. How to overcome heartbreak.

There’s always another fish in the sea. Getting cheated on sucks and initially most of us feel like we’re done with both men and relationships, but don’t think this way. It may not feel like it at first, but you’ll bounce back. Getting cheated on will teach you to overcome heartbreak. When you’re ready to get into your next relationship you’ll be over the bad news and your ex will be old news.

3. How to recognize when he’s cheating.

Pay attention to what happened with the last guy so that you can spot the signs this time around. Yes, you have to be careful with this. You can’t just assume that because he does one thing like your ex did that he is cheating. You have to be smart about it. Still, there are some pretty obvious signs of a cheating man and it will probably be a lot easier for you to see them if it starts to happen in your next relationship. Should this happen, you won’t waste half as much time trying to figure it out like the last time.

4. How to be a bad bitch.

You are a pink starburst, girl. Getting cheated on might have you feeling like the orange starburst right now, but trust me–you’re pink. This experience will allow you to step your game up. When I got cheated on, I embraced every moment of my newfound single life. I cut my hair like I wanted to, I indulged in wine a lot more… it’s like Drake said in “Hotline Bling”: “..started wearing less and going out more.” I had to realize that I was, indeed, the sh*t whether he wanted to be with me or not. The last guy didn’t realize what he had, but this time around you can show your next guy just how lucky he is to have you on his arm.

5. How to appreciate a good man.

Not all guys are the same. With your next relationship, you’ll be more careful about choosing who you invest your time in. You’ll choose a great guy, don’t worry. Not only will you choose a much better guy than your ex, but you’ll be so appreciative of how well he treats you. This makes for a better relationship. You’ll have a stronger connection, you’ll both love doing things with and for each other, and you’ll have great sex–I’m just saying. Don’t think that because the last guy turned out to be an idiot that your next guy will be one, too. There are still some good men out there.

So yeah, getting cheated on is a sh*tty feeling in the beginning, but you can learn a lot from the experience. Don’t deny yourself the chance to be happy and make more love happen. You won’t make the same mistake twice.

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