The Internet Thinks Leonardo DiCaprio Subtly Gave The Academy The Finger Last Night

Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images

Leonardo DiCaprio has a new friend, Oscar.

After years and years of snubs and near misses, Leo finally left the Academy Awards with a trophy, and of course the Internet absolutely lost their shit. Poor Leo memes were quickly replaced with Leo with his Oscar. However, some Twitter users pointed out something sneaky during his acceptance speech.

Can you spot it?

These pics may or may not show Leo casually flipping the bird to the Academy. I mean, they did practically force the guy to take a role made for a crazy person in order to win this thing, so I would totally understand if he was. Hell, he’s probably been planning this since losing for The Wolf of Wall Street. Or maybe it was his subconscious. Either way, it happened. Classy, well spoken Leo gave everyone the middle finger.

Check out the latest Leo moment to drive Twitter crazy below.

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