LISTEN: Snippets Of New Frank Ocean Music Have Been Leaked

Frank Ocean has kept the music world on its toes ever since he went into “hiding” after he won a Grammy Award for his 2012 album, Channel Orange. The man has lent his vocals to Kanye West‘s new album, The Life Of Pablo on his song, “Wolves,” but otherwise Ocean has been rather radio silent as of late.

Frank Ocean fans, it seems that you’ll be in luck today because brand new Frank Ocean music has been leaked online today. The angelic-sounding music snippet first appeared on SoundCloud, but were quickly taken down.

However, since nothing is truly “deleted” from the Internet, the teasers soon reappeared online. You can listen to the snippet below.

In the untitled snippet, you can hear Ocean’s muffled, smooth croons, but there is no telling when these songs will be made available to the general public.

According to Fuse, Frank Ocean may have held a secret listening party on Sunday – which is a pretty good sign. You can’t have a listening party unless you’ve got finished tracks, so perhaps we won’t be waiting long for Ocean’s second album, Boys Don’t Cry.

Perhaps his album title is a nod to The Cure’s song? If so, Ocean just got so much cooler in my book.

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