5 Fun Ways To Celebrate Women’s History Month

womens history month


Believe it or not, we’re already in March, which means it’s Women’s History Month.

According to CNN, there used to be just a day dedicated to females. “The first Women’s Day took place on Feb. 28, 1909, in New York City, as a national observance organized by the Socialist Party. It honored the one-year anniversary of the garment worker’s strikes in New York that had taken place a year earlier, when thousands of women marched for economic rights through lower Manhattan to Union Square. (That strike in turn honored an earlier 1857 march, when garment workers rallied for equal rights and a 10-hour day.) Within two years, Women’s Day had grown into an international observance that spread through Europe on the heels of socialism.”

Nowadays, the entire month of March is dedicated to women’s contributions to history, and there’s plenty of reason to celebrate. But how? We’ve got a few ideas to keep you busy all month long.

1. Find Out About The Women In Your Family Tree

What better history lesson can you give yourself than on the ladies who helped your family grow into what you are today? Ask your parents about their moms. grandmas, and beyond to see what you can learn. You never know – I found out that my great-grandmother was actually one of the pioneers of the women’s suffrage movement in Atlantic City, New Jersey, even attending meetings with Susan B. Anthony. If your parents don’t know much, head to Ancestry.com and see what you can dig up.

2. Read Up On A Famous Lady

Instead of binge watching Netflix during your down time (not that there’s anything wrong with that), maybe pick up a book. These titles about women who influenced the world are a great place to look for an idea.

3. Check Out A Special Event

Museums, colleges, and other places are hosting special events in honor of Women’s History Month. From the USS Intrepid in New York City to the Los Angeles Women’s International Film Festival in California, a quick Google search of your events in your area should offer tons of exciting things to check out.

4. Have A Feminist Movie Night

Have a few girlfriends over for a movie night featuring A League of Their Own and 9 to 5. Order takeout, turn off your cell phones, and just enjoy a relaxed night with your girls. Check out these movie ideas for inspiration (and yes, Mean Girls is a totally acceptable choice).

5. Throw A Party

What’s a holiday without a good party? Sure, maybe it’s just an excuse for a long overdue girls’ night out, make March about creating your own history with your best female friends.

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