11 Creative Questions To Ask On A First Date To Get Conversation Flowing

first date converastion starters


Unlike many of my friends who think first dates are the absolute worst thing in the entire world, I sort of liked them. Sure, sometimes they didn’t go so well – I’ve had my fair share of moments where I couldn’t get in my car and drive away fast enough. But anything could happen, and I kind of thought they were exciting.

At the very worst, I usually got a good story out of it.

So you matched with a cute guy on Bumble. You chatted via text for a while and decided on a place to meet up for a first date. Now what? You’ve already covered the topics of where you’re from, your job, and where you went to school…what are you going to talk about when you’re actually face-to-face for the first time?

Since you’re already stressing about what to wear, what to order, and a plethora of other first date woes, we’ve got you covered on some foolproof conversation starters. Whether this is the first time you hang with your dream man or it turns out to be a flop, at least there won’t be too many awkward silences while you rack your brain for another question to ask him. Plus, you’ll really get to know him! Stay clear of religion and politics – just memorize some of these no-fail conversation starters and knock ’em dead.

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