This Fitness Model Is 8 Months Pregnant And Still Has Better Abs Than I Will Ever Have

Considering how I handle the pains that come along with my monthly visitor (hint: not well), I can’t even imagine how much of a baby I’d be if I was expecting a, well, baby. I have a hard enough time getting my ass to the gym four or five times a week as it is, so you can bet I’ll be skipping my workout sessions while trying to grow a new human within me.

Apparently that’s not an excuse for Chontel Duncan. The Australian fitness model hasn’t let literally growing life stop her from having a sick body. Similar to Sarah Stage, Chontel is going viral for having crazy abs and a tiny bump even though she’s less than a month away from her due date.

“I’m feeling very much in tune with my body, every squishy bit, every wider part & of course with my incredible blessing “my baby bump”, I love all the changes & could not feel happier,” she shared with her nearly 10,000 Facebook followers.

Chontel has only gained about 23 pounds in her eight months of pregnancy, keeping up her workouts of HIIT training and kickboxing. So pretty much she’s a superwoman. Check out photos of Chontel and her crazy baby bump below.

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