Kelly Clarkson Opens Up About Her Emotional ‘American Idol’ Performance

On Thursday, Kelly Clarkson was a guest on the Z100 Morning Show with Elvis Duran via telephone to talk about her tear-jerking performance of “Piece By Piece” on last week’s episode of American Idol. She said:

“It was just, stars aligned for me to really be screwed emotionally [that night]. It was just the last time I was on Idol and my little kid is running around the same hallways that I was running around at 19. I was just super screwed!”

Has Idol really been on air for that long?

Clarkson joined Idol as a guest judge last week and performed “Piece By Piece,” a song she wrote while pregnant with her first child and her absent father. At the end of her performance, Clarkson, judge Keith Urban and essentially the entire audience was in tears. You can watch Clarkson’s American Idol performance below via YouTube.

Although the tear-jerking performance has resulted in boosted album sales and support of the song, Clarkson told Duran on Thursday that crying in front of millions of people was not her proudest moment. She said, “I’m so embarrassed. It’s so funny to me that everybody was like, ‘It was remarkable!’ … Well, crying on national television isn’t really my idea of a good time.”

I’d be worried if she thought crying in a public space in front of masses of people was a good time.

Clarkson is ultimately grateful for the support she ha received for “Piece By Piece,” but thinks that it is “incredibly sad how many people relate to the message.” described “Piece By Piece” as a “reminder from hell.” She does see the good in the song, however, stating that it encourages her to keep positive.

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