Marriott Debuts New Hotel Brand Aimed Towards Millennials

If you were born somewhere between 1982 and 2000 and are tired of stuffy hotels, Marriott is here to answer you’re millennial prayers.

The hotel brand just spent a whopping $12.2 billion to buy Starwood Hotel and Resorts, making the company the largest hotelier in the world. They also just debuted a new hotel chain called Moxy in the happening and youthful town of Tempe, Arizona. (Home to ASU).

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Complete with fleek-filled touches like record players and arcade games, millennials aren’t going to want to explore beyond the hip hotel. The rooms are also named after classic rock groups like “Zeppelin” and “Queen” (YASSSS QUEEN) because that’s exactly what 90’s babies are into? I think they’d be better off with 98 Degrees and S Club 7, but I digress.

There’s also a rotary phone in the rooms which will offer bedtime stories read to you by celebrities. Tbh, I never knew I needed that until now.

The hotel has even created a signature scent that is blown through the vents (uhhh wut) and the elevator doubles as a photo booth complete with props to satisfy your #selfie temptations during that agonizing eight-second ride.

And yet we actually wonder why other generations hate us?

Oh, and since no one actually uses the desk, don’t expect to see those fossils anywhere. The hotel brand is doing without them because they don’t think millennials use them. Fair enough.

“By 2025, these guys are going to make up three-quarters of the workforce,” says Guy Langford, vice chairman and U.S. leader of travel, hospitality and leisure at Deloitte. “We have to understand what impact they’re going to have in 10 years’ time.”

They’ve certainly got a point. Unfortunately, our generation sucks since we’re apparently too lazy to even make cereal.

[Via Phoenix Business Journal]

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