Did 20-Year-Old Bella Hadid Have Some Plastic Surgery Done?

Getty Images

Bella Hadid’s face is one of the most recognizable in the fashion industry right now. The model has worked the runway for Tom Ford, Diane von Fürstenberg, Tommy Hilfiger, Jeremy Scott, Marc Jacobs, and other top designers all over the world. But did that famous face have some help?

Rumors are swirling that Bella had some work done with the help of daddy’s credit card.

“Bella has always been hugely insecure,” a friend told Star magazine, according to the Daily Mail. “But it really ramped up when Gigi started modeling.”

Looking at the side by side above of photos from 2010 and 2016, Bella looks pretty much the same to me. Her lips and skin tone look a tad different, but it’s called makeup. Her nose looks like it’s always been pretty skinny.

However, plastic surgeons disagree with my amateur analysis.

“Bella has definitely had rhinoplasty. This narrowed the tip of her nose and also narrowed her bridge. She has also had fillers injected into her lips for a more voluptuous look,” Dr. Norman Rowe, an NYC-based plastic surgeon, told Gossip Girl. “I also think she had her buccal fat pads removed to give her cheeks a more sculpted look. This involves removing cheek fat from an incision inside of the mouth.”

Call me crazy, but everyone looks different at 14 than they do at 20. It doesn’t mean plastic surgery was involved.

Thoughts? Does Bella Hadid look like she’s been under the knife or is everyone completely overreacting? Sound off in the comments.

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