Beauty And The Beach: The Best Spring Break Bathing Suits For Different Body Types

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Spring break is a time for beach hair and no cares, as college students around the country flock to warmer climates for stress-free fun. Plans involve meeting new people while hanging out with old friends and revolve around poolside lounging and basking in the sun.

The most important thing to pack for a spring break destination? Confidence—it’s true that nothing looks as good as feeling great. The second most important thing? A bathing suit… and this can make that first part tricky. Avoid dressing room drama and banish the bathing suit blues by knowing which swimsuit trends look best on different body types.

What’s Your Type?

While every body is a bathing suit body, there’s something about walking around nearly naked that tends to emphasize perceived flaws and stir up insecurities. A successful swimsuit shopping trip requires an honest inventory of assets and the understanding that beauty is all about balance.

The key to finding a flattering suit is to create the illusion of proportion. There are four basic body shapes: hourglass, triangle, inverted triangle, and rectangle. Here’s what works for each.

1. Hourglass

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An hourglass shape is defined as curvy and having a bust and hips that are roughly equal in size, with a smaller waist. Search for a suit that complements curves while providing a comfortable amount of support. A halter top or underwire with adjustable straps can increase cleavage and comfort, making either option appealing and practical. Matching solid colors or small all-over prints keeps the emphasis on those well-balanced proportions. The bikini was made to show off an hourglass shape, so this body type generally has plenty of shopping options.

2. Triangle

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A triangle body type measures larger around the hip and thigh area than the chest. Mix-and-match separates provide the perfect sizing solution and offer the opportunity to draw attention up top by pairing a bright color or busy print with a dark, solid color on bottom. Tops that offer light padding or a push-up effect can also offer visual balance, as can embellishments such as ruffles or fringe.

3. Inverted Triangle

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An inverted triangle body shape has a larger bust or shoulder area than hips. Search for tops sold by bra cup size to find the right fit and look for adjustable straps, banded halters, and slightly molded cups to help keep everything in place for a flawless finish. Suit bottoms that tie at the side or have eye-catching detail near the hips can create hourglass-like symmetry. Retro suits with push-up tops and pin-up style bottoms are a flirty and flattering option for a top-heavy triangle body type.

4. Rectangle

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Rectangular body shapes have proportional hips and shoulders and lack a well-defined waist. To create curves, choose sweetheart-shaped tops with ruffles or details that draw the eye to the chest. A tapered-back bottom can bring more roundness to a small backside. This body type can often flaunt the athletic look with strappy racerback tops and tiny bottoms that bring the chic to sporty.

Once the right suit is picked and packed, it’s time to enjoy the time-honored spring break tradition of making memories in the surf, sand, and sun.

Story by Ashley McCann

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