Kendall Jenner Threw A Punch At A Paparazzo That Got Too Close In Paris

Vittorio Zunino Celotto/Getty Images

After Kendall Jenner and her bestie Gigi Hadid worked the runway for Belmain at Paris Fashion Week, they celebrated by heading out to the after party. That’s just what the most popular models in the game do. However, the celebrations were short lived when a paparazzo pushed the boundaries and Kendall fought back.

According to PEOPLE, a photographer outside the L’Arc nightclub in Paris got to close to KenGi as they were leaving, and Kendall threw a punch and pushed him before being held back by her bodyguard (hold me back, bro!).

KJ has expressed that the paparazzi “scare” her at times in the past.

“I’m always more worried about other people’s safety, especially when they’re driving,” Kendall said about paps on her app and website. “For example, if the paps run a red light – all twelve of them – and almost kill someone else, I’ll definitely tell them off. I stop, tell them to pull up next to me and I say, ‘You a–holes! Not only are you going to kill yourself, but you’re going to kill innocent people around you.’ I just go off on them. And their responses are, ‘Well, then don’t run away from us.’ I’m not running from anyone – I’m just living my life! I’m not speeding away from them because how can I escape twelve paparazzi? I can’t. It’s kind of impossible.”

Despite the scary altercation, Kendall returned to the runway today for the Christian Dior show and slayed as usual. Check out the photos below.

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