25 Drake Lyrics To Caption Your Next Instagram Photo With

Uploading a photo to Instagram should be a full-time job. It’s not easy. You have to first choose the very best photo out of five nearly-identical photos from last night, choose a filter, ensure that everyone is pleased with the upload and then come up with a unique caption!

Truly, it’s an art form. Perhaps even a future major!

Thankfully, it is still totally appropriate to caption your photos with song lyrics on Instagram (it’s total taboo on Facebook – let’s be real here), but it still begs the question: which lyric do you pick? Look no further than Toronto-based rapper, Drake. Not only does he have amazing flow and smooth, groovy beats, but he has a way with words as well. This weekend, Drake is going to help you out by being your “right man,” your “go-to,” lyrical caption for all of your blurry, alcohol-fueled Instagram photos of the crew at the bar.

Even more thankfully (for you), I perused his lyrics long enough to select the very best ones out of the man’s discography. That’s one more step you don’t have to do. You’re welcome.

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Joey Feek Has Died Of Cervical Cancer At Age 40
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