7 Reasons Every College Student Should Take An Art Class

This is the one place where it’s perfectly okay to be yourself, even if it’s your very weird self.

Being a dedicated student is hard work. Choosing classes is even harder. You’ve got your basic core classes that you’re forced to take, then you’ve got the classes that pertain to your major. The best classes though, to me, are the electives you get to choose. These classes let you test the waters. After you’ve tackled 12 hours of classes that you need, choose an elective to give you 15 hours and a break. I know you’re thinking to yourself, how will an extra class give me a break? And I’ve got the answer. It’s all in your choice of electives. Here are a few reasons why every student should take an art class.

1. It’s a stress reliever.

Again, being a dedicated full-time student is hard work. Every teacher feels like their class is the only class you’re taking and on top of that, you’re still trying to juggle your personal life. Taking an art class is a great stress reliever – and you get credit for it! There are a ton of different art styles and a variety of different classes that fall under the ‘art class’ umbrella – choose whatever you’re interested in. The best part about art class is that you can still take the class even if the only thing you can draw is a straight line.

2. You’ll learn a new skill.

You won’t take an art class without learning something new. Even if you are relatively good at art, you’ll still learn something new. By the end of the semester, you will have created a piece of art that you can’t help but to be proud of because you made it. This is a great feeling. Why not learn something new for a change?

3. There’s bound to be at least one extremely hot person in there.

When I took my first art class I could hardly focus because there were so many beautiful people in there with me, and not just beautiful in their appearance either. Many of them were passionate and expressionistic and as a Scorpio woman, that is incredibly sexy to me. I enjoyed seeing the different ways people expressed themselves and how that translated into their artwork.

4. You’ll make friends you didn’t expect to connect with.

I was able to make a ton of friends that I wouldn’t have normally run into on campus. Like I said, artists are sensitive, passionate, expressionistic people. It’s super easy to fall in love with their characteristics and personality. They are all-around good people and you are the company you keep!

5. You can express yourself freely.

In an art class, you can express yourself freely. You will be able to transform your feelings into that art piece you’ll be so proud of. You can really learn a lot about yourself when taking an art class because it requires you to be creative and to really get in tune with your emotions. At least that’s what it did for me.

6. You’ll put your creativity to use at least twice a week.

You’d be surprised at how little people exercise their creative mind. Such a pity. Taking an art class will allow you to put your creativity to work as often as that class meets and that’s a great thing, seriously. It will show in your mood that you’re broadening your mind. You may even find that you want to keep practicing art even after the class is over!

7. It’s fun.

Bottom line is that you can get college credit for taking a class that is fun. Yes, it’s still a class, but it’s an enjoyable class. On top of that there are a variety of different types of art classes that you can take and so many new things you can learn. It’s not like taking a class that once it’s over you never use that skill again – like algebra. So take advantage and make some room in your schedule next semester for an art class!

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