5 Scandalous Personal Advantages Of Sexting


It’s a secret that only you and your partner know about. If someone asks about it, you deny it. You even have a secret vault on your phone as a safety precaution.

Sexting is a taboo subject that has stirred up a lot of debate, and for the most part, it was only mentioned in the context of political scandals, vengeful ex-boyfriends, and of course, leaked celebrity photos. Although the hashtags concerning the issue have come and gone, the evidence of someone’s nudey bits still lingers on photo albums. Good news is that there might be some advantages.

New studies have been roaming around about the positive effects of sexting. Drexel University was one of the first to break the news, uncovering that sexting actually produces positive outcomes for your relationship and psychological benefits for your self-esteem. It’s understandable how giving your partner a little something to remember you by is beneficial for any relationship, but in terms of your self-esteem, the lines may seem blurred. Feminists and parental figures may claim it’s degrading – have someone fall in love with your mind, not your body. We’re calling bullsh*t. There are definitely some empowering benefits to sending pics of tits and ass through the cellular hemisphere.

1. A Greater Appreciation For Your Body Image

There is merit to the cliche “your body is your temple” after all. Of course treating your body right, nourishing and exercising (if that is your thing) is always a good place to start, but sexting undoubtedly gives you record time reciprocation and a greater appreciation for the state your body is in right now. Forget about sending those images, keep them for yourself and marvel in all that naked-y goodness.

2. Learning You Do Have Sex Appeal

For the awkward girls out there and any girls who are a little unsure of what they have to offer, here’s a surprise: you do have sex appeal! It might take you a couple more tries than your sex goddess friends, but the sexiness is there and sexting will bring it out. Eliminating the idea of performing or posing for some one else, you’re left to figure things out at your own pace and see what works for you. It’s common for many girls to assume that if they can’t seductively wink or flirt so they have no sex appeal, but that’s not all sex appeal is. Undressing for the camera and showing a little skin might be just the thing to bring the sex right out of you.

3. Positive Feedback

When someone asks you to send sexts to them or send them a freaky picture of you, nine times out of ten they are not asking so that they can make fun of you. They asked because they want to see you – all of you. Okay, the point of any relationship is not seek compliments or positive feedback, but in terms of your self-esteem, a compliment or two won’t hurt to bring you back up. You have a verbal testament to the fact that you are gorgeous.

4. Understanding & Embracing Your Trouble Spot

We all have those areas that we’re not too fond of. Some hate their nipples while others would love to shed a little bit off their tummy. Taking naked pictures of yourself can give you a better understanding of what you dislike about your body, while giving you the strength to embrace those areas as well. Let’s say you snap a picture of your lower body including the tummy you dislike so much. The good thing about a picture is that you can work your body in different angles until you find a position that is most flattering for you. After a few tries, you understand how you body works and looks on camera, and as a result, are able to embrace your body, flaws and all.

5. You’re The Top Model

We’ve had enough with the top models. You can’t deny that models like Cara Delevingne and Chanel Iman are drop-dead gorgeous, but there are more body types out there. Unfortunately for most of us, the media still has a hard time of realizing that. But now, within the comforts of your own cell phone camera, you can be the top model. Your partner knows what you look like, and one can only hope that he/she loves you just the way you are. So flaunt those A-cups or curves for them.