Former Law Student Sues University After Not Being Able To Find Employment For Over A Decade

Looking for a job post college sucks. For years you’ve been hearing to go into a field where there will always be a need for people, or at the very least, where you can eventually make enough money to pay back those pesky student loans. I’m talking becoming a medical doctor, engineer, or lawyer- something along those lines.

Unfortunately, despite graduating at the top of your class, passing all necessary exams with flying colors, and earning a difficult degree, it still might not be enough to land you a good gig. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, kids.

Case in point? Anna Alaburda graduated from Thomas Jefferson School of Law nearly a decade ago and is now suing them because she has yet to find a full-time job as a lawyer. Umm, can you really blame your school for your own lack of employment? According to Alaburda, hell yes.

In fact, apparently others think so too because the now 37-year-old is the first former law student whose case against a law school will go to trial. She’s claiming that Thomas Jefferson (the school, not the person) inflated the employment data for its graduates as a way to lure students to enroll.

(Ironically?) The former law student now has a lawyer of her own, Brian A. Procel, who’s going to try to help be the first student in history to win a case like this.

Thomas Jefferson’s average student debt, then about $137,000, was higher than Stanford Law School at the time. It was also among one of the highest in the nation. Today Alaburda owes $170,000, with loan interest around 8 percent. Wahh, we’re all struggling amiright?

Alaburda is seeking a cool $225 million in damages, on grounds that they had been misled by the school’s stated employment figures to believe they had better employment prospects than the job market actually offered.

But here’s the weird thing – Alaburda was offered a job with a law firm that was willing to give her a $60,000 salary right after she graduated. She turned it down and claimed that it was “less favorable than non-law related jobs that were available,” according to The Daily Mail.


If she wins, she will definitely be able to pay back those loans, her lawyer, and then some.

Call me crazy, but if every person who had difficulty getting a job took it to court, literally everyone in the world would be there. It’s going to be hard to prove that she’s not just lazy and taking the easy way out. Unless she can prove she sent out thousands of resumes over the last ten years, good luck lady.

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