22 Reasons Mr. Nice Guy Is The Right Guy


I’ll admit it. There is something devilishly sexy about the guy who’s a badass, but contrary to popular belief, ladies, the nice guy is definitely where it’s at. Here are 22 reasons why the nice guy makes the ideal boyfriend. Let’s get into it!

1. Mr. Nice Guy has some badass in him too, but your parents don’t have to know about it.

As a female with tattoos on her knuckles, I am more than aware of how often and commonly the book is judged by the cover. So I’m not saying that Mr. Nice Guy has to look a certain way, but from my experience he usually doesn’t have a spike through his nose or anything like some ‘badasses’ do. Don’t be fooled though, Mr. Nice Guy has some bad ass in him too – he just doesn’t show it all the time. With the nice guy, it’s more likely that mom and dad will take to his appearance and you’ll be able to enjoy his ‘badassness’ without having to explain it to mom and dad.

2. Mr. Nice Guy is hot and more importantly, smart.

Not that looks really matter, but still, Mr. Nice Guy is typically pretty hot. What really matters though is that Mr. Nice Guy is usually pretty smart. What’s not to like about that?

3. Mr. Nice Guy is honest, but cares about your feelings.

Most of us women would say that we want an honest man, but we don’t really specify what kind of honesty we’re talking about. I’ve been with a man who was honest and didn’t care AT ALL about the effects of his honesty. I’ve also been with a man who was honest, but compassionate. Mr. Nice Guy is the latter. He will be honest with you, but he cares about your feelings.

4. Mr. Nice Guy is modest, but confident.

I think one of the things us women like about the guy who is a badass is his confidence. Have you ever heard this type of guy talk about himself though? He’s usually way self-centered and that is not attractive at all. Mr. Nice Guy is a confident man as well, but he’s modest about his intellect, his appearance, and a lot of other things. Modesty is really sexy to me. What about for you?

5. Mr. Nice Guy is a good conversationalist.

I love a man who can carry out a good conversation. When I say carry out a good conversation I am talking about him being the one to initiate the conversation and keep the conversation interesting. I can’t stand talking to someone and having to constantly come up with ways to keep the conversation progressing–over it!

6. Mr. Nice Guy will teach you new things.

My favorite thing about Mr. Nice Guy is that he generally tends to know a lot more than we think he does. If you let him, he can teach you a lot of new things (in and out of bed) – and he wants to teach you things. Don’t underestimate learning something from the nice guy because he probably knows a lot of things you could benefit from.

7. Mr. Nice Guy is good in bed and doesn’t kick you out afterwards.

From my experience, Mr. Nice Guy is great in bed because it’s not just sex for him. He is great at catering to the body before, during, and even after sex. The best part is that there is no walk of shame for you afterwards. Mr. Nice Guy is so great that he’ll probably cook breakfast for you in the morning! Winner.

8. Mr. Nice Guy is down for massages.

Have you ever asked a guy who is too into himself, i.e.) the bad-ass, to give you a massage? I have. The answer isn’t always no, but the motive is usually sex and the duration and effort – hardly there. Either way, Mr. Nice Guy is up for massages and won’t rush the process either. He is really good at making you feel appreciated and even if he’s thinking about sex (seeing as he is a guy), he won’t allow that to ruin the moment.

9. Mr. Nice Guy is romantic.

This is important and one of the best qualities of Mr. Nice Guy. As I just mentioned, Mr. Nice Guy is all about making sure you feel appreciated. Mr. Nice Guy is all kinds of candy, flowers, and teddy bears. He is ‘just because it’s Wednesday’ gifts and constantly reminding you of how beautiful he thinks you are–and not because he’s trying to get something out of you. He’s genuine. If that doesn’t sound like Mr. Right then I don’t know what does.

10. Mr. Nice Guy wants you to meet his friends.

Mr. Nice Guy is happy to introduce you to the guys, which is usually a good sign that he is interested in a successful long-term relationship.

11. Mr. Nice Guy has manners.

Mr. Nice Guy will make sure you walk on the inside of him while you two are walking. Mr. Nice Guy will pull out your chair. Mr. Nice Guy will compliment you most when you’re not dressed up and when you don’t have any makeup on. Mr. Nice Guy knows how to address your parents and present himself well. Mr. Nice Guy is a gentleman.

12. Mr. Nice Guy wants to meet your friends…and impress them.

You have to be careful what kind of guys you introduce to your friends because as sh*tty as it is, some men are sizing up your friends while they are right next to you! Mr. Nice Guy isn’t like that though. Mr. Nice Guy wants to meet your friends to assure them that he values you and is proud to be your boyfriend.

13. Mr. Nice Guy makes sure you don’t forget how beautiful you really are.

If you’ve never dated a nice guy, here is a really good reason to. Mr. Nice Guy will always remind you of just how beautiful you are to him. Not just one time, either. He will tell you every chance he gets and you can’t help but to melt over it!

14. Mr. Nice Guy wants to make you smile.

Again, Mr. Nice Guy is generous and genuine. He wants to be the reason that you smile, even if there is no special occasion. He wants to give you gifts and be romantic. He wants to make you feel like the luckiest woman in the world. I’m getting googly-eyed just thinking about it!

15. Mr. Nice Guy wants you to meet the family.

Mr. Nice Guy wants you to meet his family. He wouldn’t dare let a holiday pass without inviting you over to meet the family. He won’t introduce you as his friend either. Mr. Nice Guy will confidently let his family know that you’re his girlfriend and he is proud that you are.

16. Mr. Nice Guy isn’t afraid of commitment.

Mr. Nice Guy won’t beat around the bush when it comes to commitment. If you know you aren’t ready for something serious then I do not suggest that you get involved with a nice guy. Once he decides to invest his time into you, he is definitely prepared to ask you out and he’s usually got very romantic way of doing so in mind.

17. Mr. Nice Guy will spend quality time with you.

Mr. Nice Guy is not opposed to watching chick flicks with you or binge-watching a Netflix series on a Saturday night. He wants to make you happy and if spending quality time is a way to do that then he’s totally down for it.

18. Mr. Nice Guy wants to help you accomplish your goals.

Mr. Nice Guy is up for helping you study because he wants you to do well on your test. He is willing to do what it takes to help you achieve your goals and he is enthusiastic about celebrating with you once you reach those goals. I’m sure he finds your ability to achieve your goals incredibly sexy, too. Trust me.

19. Mr. Nice Guy is assertive, but a gentleman.

Every woman loves a man who can put his foot down when necessary. Mr. Nice Guy is completely capable of being assertive, but still remains a gentleman. He doesn’t need to be rude or obnoxious, but he isn’t afraid to be speak up and be heard.

20. Mr. Nice Guy will get the vote of friends and family.

If your family is anything like mine, they are very vocal about how they feel about who you date. Mr. Nice Guy is sure to impress your family and friends and let’s face it, that’s an awesome feeling. It’s hard to be in a relationship with someone that your closest friends and family members don’t really care for.

21. Mr. Nice Guy is patient.

He’s patient, period. He’s patient with you if you don’t want to have sex right away. He’s patient with you when you’re being a princess (or a bitch). He’s even patient with you when you do something that pisses him off. This is another great quality of having the nice guy as your boyfriend.

22. Mr. Nice Guy won’t waste your time.

The bottom line is this: Dating a nice guy is a good thing and if you’re looking for a serious relationship then this is where I would start. He is loyal, genuine, and has no desire to waste his time or yours.

So, what do you say? Is Mr. Nice Guy the right guy for you?

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