People Are Losing It Over These Puppies That Look Like Bagels

Puppies and bagels are very similar in the sense that when you’re having a bad day, they’re there to comfort you. Apparently they also look alike too.

This new phenomenon is taking over the Internet thanks to Twitter user Karen Zack, and like most things that go viral, people are losing their sh*t.

It also prompted Zack to point out various other breeds of dogs and their lookalikes:

labradoodle or fried chicken ?

— karen zack (@teenybiscuit) March 3, 2016

chihuahua or muffin ?

— karen zack (@teenybiscuit) March 10, 2016

sheepdog or mop ?

— karen zack (@teenybiscuit) March 9, 2016

Even earlier, she’d done the same with ducklings and plantains — though we have to say, she really hit her sweet spot once she started highlighting dogs:

ducking or plantain ?

— karen zack (@teenybiscuit) November 20, 2015

After all, who doesn’t love puppies?! I’ll definitely be following this account stat to see what she comes up with next.

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