Dadchelor Parties: New Baby Showers For Men Explained

The words “baby shower” typically make every man cringe, and luckily the event is usually reserved for women only, with the father arriving only at the end or not at all. However, now men have created their own form of baby shower–called the “Dadchelor party.”

According to Pinterest, the ideas for “dadchelor parties” are up 149% in the last year alone, with the plans becoming more and more popular all the time.

A lot of them have themes, such as “dress like a dad,” or acting like it’s the kick-off to the latest sports game, and having a poker night. Most of the ideas involved being active, and are often humorous, like making the guests wear embarrassing baby costumes or dress like they’re old dads already. There are many desserts options as well, from “pop swirl” cupcakes, to a cake that looks like a baby bottle full or beer, to “little swimmers” themed cupcakes.

And of course, baby showers also include games for the party guests. But while most typical showers include games like trying to guess the baby’s sex or which parent will take the better care of it, for the dadchelor parties, the games feature a different side of things, such as the “pin the sperm on the uterus” or “sperm-themed corn hole toss” game.

Not convinced about this cool new idea yet? According to Scott Steinburg, a professional speaker and author on parenting, the cool thing about dadchelor parties is that “men are embracing the concept of fatherhood a lot more actively these days.” It gives them a chance for them to talk freely with their friends and get closer to the idea of a baby and what being a dad will look like.

Beforehand, dads could just give the old pregnancy belly a try, but now the dadchelor parties are taking it to a whole new level.

Here are some of the ideas for invitations to help get you started:

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