Zayn Malik Reveals New Face Tattoos

I think it goes without saying that face tattoos are a bad idea, period.

Following the release of Malik’s new song, “Like I Would,” the bonus track from his upcoming debut solo record, Mind Of Mine, the former One Direction star posted a photo on Friday on Instagram that revealed two new tattoos located on his face and neck.

He has inked himself up with both a hummingbird on his collarbone and a bird/flower piece on the right side of his forehead with “m.o.m.” written on top of it. However, the “m.o.m.” is not in reference to his mother (sorry to disappoint), but is likely in reference to the name of his new album. You can view the tattoos below.

In another photo, the singer appears to have another tattoo on the other side of his neck that cannot be discerned completely. Zayn’s always been a man of mystery.

We won’t know how much of Malik’s face tattoo is covered until all of his hair grows back. I hope it’s really soon because, I repeat, face tattoos are just never a good idea.

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