The Guys From ‘Laguna Beach’ Reunited And Look More Gorgeous Than Ever

It seems like the kids from Laguna Beach are getting married left and right – just ask Casey Reinhardt and Taylor Cole – making for awesome reunions featuring the cast of our favorite guilty pleasure. But while the ladies of LB are serving as each other’s bridesmaids, the guys from season 1 got together for an equally awesome reason: a birthday!

Trey Phillips celebrated the big 30th birthday in New York City, and buds Stephen Colletti and Dieter Schmitz joined in on the East Coast celebrations. The guy who always was running a fashion show charity event is now living in NYC and working as a designer at Vera Wang Collection – are you even slightly surprised that he’s doing what he always wanted to?

While it’s been far too long since Stephen and the gang graced our television screens, it’s lovely to see the guys still friends after all these years. Then again, you must bond with the high school friends that became C-list celebs alongside you.

Check out photos of the reunion below.