Steak & BJ Day: Best Memes & Funny Photos For March 14 Holiday

steak and bj day

Once you pass geometry in high school, March 14 very quickly turns from Pi Day into Steak and BJ Day.

In case you aren’t familiar with this holiday that must have been created by men, Steak and BJ Day occurs exactly one month after Valentine’s Day. They say that since girls are pampered on V-day with flowers and chocolate, March 14 should be the time to give a “thank you” to your man with a slab of meat and some oral work.

But guess what! There’s also a plus side. Google “Steak & BJ Day” and one of your first results should be this website that’s working to fight breast cancer in conjunction with every guy’s favorite holiday. Everyone wins!

Whether you think it’s hilarious or disgusting (and you’d be right either way), you can celebrate by sending your friends these hilarious memes and funny photos for Steak and BJ Day. That is, unless you’re already actually celebrating.

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