St. Patrick’s Day: Best Memes & Funny Photos For March 17 Holiday

st patricks day memes

March is arguably the best month of the year. It’s the end of winter, is the home of Spring Break, and the time for St. Patrick’s Day, AKA the greatest drinking holiday known to man.

Somewhere along the way, the March 17 holiday meant to celebrate¬†Saint Patrick bringing¬†Christianity to Ireland turned into an excuse to wear green and get belligerent. St. Pat wasn’t even Irish – he was Italian – but facts like heritage don’t stop people from celebrating (just ask all the people who claim they’re 15% Irish all of a sudden on parade day).

If you haven’t already picked out your green outfit and concocted a delicious St. Patty’s-themed¬†cocktail (or Guinness will work just fine), get on that. All set? Now adorn your Instagram and Twitter with your favorite of these St. Patrick’s Day memes.

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