20 Facts You Never Knew About Zayn Malik

zayn malik fun facts

Kevin Winter/Getty Images

We know Zayn as a former member of One Direction and now a solo artist whose single “Pillowtalk” is always on the radio, but what else do we not know about him?

His debut album, Mind of Mine, will be coming out March 25 and fans are more than excited to here what the singer has in store. Aside from releasing three more singles, “Like I Would”, “It’s You,” and “BeFoUr,” not much is known about the album.

In an interview with Fader magazine, Zayn explained the album’s content in a letter, “I can map every lyric and every note to mean something to me. It’s a snapshot of my life and the thoughts on my life, my hopes, my aspirations, and my regrets in the summer of 2015.”

With his album coming up so soon, we have to freshen up on our Zayn knowledge. When did he have his first kiss? How tall is he? What’s his favorite song?

Find out 20 facts you may have not known about Zayn below.

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