Stop What You’re Doing Immediately And Watch Emma Watson Beatbox For Lin-Manuel Miranda

emma watson lin manuel miranda beat box feminism

Lin-Manuel Miranda/Facebook

Don’t lie – you’ve definitely sat in your room and attempted to beatbox at least once in your life. Of course, you’d be mortified if someone walked in on you and you’d never do this in front of anyone besides your pup, but you never know when those private beatboxing sessions might come in handy. Right, Emma Watson.

Emma recently found herself on a couch with Lin-Manuel Miranda, the creator of Broadway hits such as Hamilton and In The Heights and freestyle rap extraordinaire. Lin-Manuel just went viral for his killer freestyle featuring none other than President Barack Obama, but it seems like he wasn’t ready to let the Internet forget his genius just yet.

While together promoting He for She, the UN’s gender equality initiative that Watson helps support, Emma and Lin fulfilled the dream we didn’t even know we had when Emma dropped a beat for Lin-Manuel has he rapped about gender equality.

Just do yourself a favor and watch it. Let’s just say I’m not sure what the requirements for a Grammy are, but this needs to be nominated. Immediately.

Can we talk about how Emma asked if we wanted a slow or fast beat? This girl has done this before. I can only imagine what kind of rap battles went down on the Harry Potter set, house versus house of course.

How lucky we are to be alive right now…indeed.

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