This New Trick Allows People To Hack Into Your Android Smartphone In Seconds

An Android bug that has been called the “worst Android vulnerability in the mobile OS history” has returned for a third time. This bug will allow cyber criminals to hack into your mobile device in less than 10 seconds.

Yes, you read that correctly. 10 seconds.

The new version of the bug is called Stagefright. It tricks users into visiting a web page that infects the phone with a malicious multimedia file. Once the file is downloaded, it resets the phone and sends information about the mobile device to the hacker. The data grants the hacker access to sensitive information on the phone and gives them control of the Android device’s microphone and camera to spy on the user.

Northbit, a research firm based in Israel said that they exploited this bug earlier this year and dubbed it the “worst ever discovered.”

Confused? You can watch a video via YouTube below for a more detailed guide as to how Stagefright works.

Surf the mobile web carefully, Android smartphone owners. It’s a dangerous place out there.

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