I Hope You Drink: The Dancing With The Stars Drinking Game 2016

Brad Barket/Getty Images

Maybe the only dance moves you know are the twerk and the Cha Cha Slide, but you definitely still watch Dancing With the Stars with intense admiration. I mean, the costumes and shoes! The glamour! The men showing off their chiseled abs while twirling a girl around the dance floor!

Those abs combined with the female dancers’ legs for days are great inspiration to hit the gym, but after you’ve spent some time on the treadmill, you deserve a glass of wine after a long Monday.

So grab your favorite drink and tune into DWTS …with our drinking game handy, of course.

Take a sip when…

– Someone cries.

– The words “Mirror Ball Trophy” are said.

– A pro dancer forgets to wear his shirt or button it up all the way.

– The camera zooms to famous faces in the audience.

– Erin Andrews stutters over her words.

Take two drinks when…

– Bruno stands up while giving his critique.

– You don’t even know who the “star” is.

– Someone totally forgets their choreography.

Finish your drink if…

– There’s a wardrobe malfunction.

– Someone gets injured.

– Jodie Sweetin says, “How rude!”

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