The World’s Sexiest Math Teacher Was Just Named The New Face Of Armani

Pietro Boselli/Instagram

Just stop. End the search for the perfect man this second, because I found him.

Not only does 28-year-old Pietro Boselli have a PhD in Mechanical Engineering from University College London – now he has a modeling contract with Giorgio Armani.

Pietro worked as a teaching assistant and then lecturer at University College London, but once his students found out he was a model, it was down a different career path he went. His female pupils even entered him into a sexiest teacher competition, which he won (obviously).

Is anyone else getting a sudden urge to re-learn calculus?

“In a way I was ashamed. I thought that the people from the academic world would look down on me,” the Italian native said.

Noble, but do the math, Pietro. Someone with your beauty should be sharing it with the world.

We shouldn’t even be surprised that Pietro has modeled for Armani before – when he was only 7 years old. Now he’s the new face of Armani’s EA7 sportwear line, which hopefully means there will be plenty more photos sans shirt on the way.

For now, these should do.

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