Forget Snapchat – Privates! App Totally Disables Screenshots



Ask Jennifer Lawrence, Margot Robbie, or any celebrity with a leaked photo scandal – sometimes our phones can’t be trusted. Even if you’re quick to delete messages not meant for other eyes to see or swear by Snapchat, there’s still that pesky screenshot feature that can pretty much ruin your life…or at least land you on our list of most embarrassing Snapchat fails.

The lack of secure messaging inspired Dr. Isaac Datikashvili, an emergency dentist working in New York City, to create Privates!, an app that totally disables screenshots.

I know what you’re thinking – this was clearly made for sexting. But on the contrary, there was a very noble reason for its creation.

“I needed a HIPPA-compliant way to communicate with other doctors and patients securely,” Datikashvili said. “I could not find one that I could trust – thus Privates! was born.”

Once the app was fully developed, Datikashvili decided to offer the app to users outside of the medical community.

He says that unlike in other popular messaging apps, WhatsApp, Snapchat and everything else you’re currently using, Privates! “includes patent-pending screenshot prevention technology that keeps recipients from sending or leaking unauthorized copies of messages.”

In addition, users get a “Privates! ID” so they don’t have to share their phone number or email to connect with others on the app. “This protects user’s privacy in circumstances like online dating, where they may not want to give out their personal information at this juncture,” Datikashvili said.

Senders also have the option to recall a message before it is opened, so if you accidentally text the wrong person or are thinking twice about your candid love confession, fear not. “Once you press the recall button on your phone, it deletes the unopened message on their phone,” Datikashvili shares.

So…still sounds perfect for nudes, right?

Datikashvili laughs at the notion…but doesn’t deny it. His response is simply, “The app is intended for secure messaging! It’s encrypted so even we can’t see what’s being sent.”

So it’s also hacker-proof? Perf.

Privates! is available for free in the app store for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

Still trying to figure it out? It takes a few tries, but this video should help.


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