Miami Judge Says “This Is Why We Shouldn’t Let Our Kids Go To Ultra” During Rape Case

music festival


Breaking news: Don’t go to a music festival because you might get raped.

On Sunday night, a Miami-Dade Metromover worker was arrested after he raped an unidentified 25-year-old Brazilian woman who was leaving the Ultra Music Festival, according to

Carl Lee Wilt, 41, is said to have brought the unconscious victim into a utility room after she was denied boarding the monorail due to her intoxicated state. He later confessed to having sex with her.

What’s even more concerning is what Miami-Dade County Judge Nushin Sayfie said when Wilt appeared in court on Monday.

“This is why we shouldn’t let our kids go to Ultra — right here,” Judge Sayfie said under her breath.

Yeah. Seriously. It’s almost as bad as saying, “Well, she was wearing a short skirt so she was asking for it.”


Music festivals are not where people go to get sexually assaulted. Neither are bars, parties, or literally anywhere else on the planet.

Maybe the victim was intoxicated, but again, this is not an excuse for being taken advantage of. This attack happened at a transportation station – spending the day at Ultra should be a footnote in this story. It doesn’t matter where she was coming from – she didn’t deserve this.

I’m pretty disgusted at the judge’s comment. What are your thoughts? Sound off in the comments.



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