Lilly Pulitzer’s Grandson Definitely Did Not Inherit The Preppy Genes

Chris Leidy/Instagram

You won’t find a popped collar on Lilly Pulitzer’s grandson. In fact, you probably won’t even find a shirt.

Not that we’re complaining.

Once you learn that Chris Leidy has the genes of a clothing designer that sorority girls worship for her floral patterns and bright colors, you’d probably expect to see a clean shaven, preppy guy wearing Vineyard Vines. In reality, his tattoos and rugged appearance are the exact opposite.

Check him out below.

“Growing up with Granny and being so close with her was enough,” Chris recently told Town And Country magazine. “I didn’t need to put on the floral prints to feel any closer.”

Instead of taking up the family business, Chris is an underwater photographer who has traveled around the world shooting for the likes of the Wall Street Journal, Architectural Digest, and Condé Nast Traveler. Just check out his Instagram page – it’s stunning stuff. Next month, he’ll be diving with narwhals in the Arctic, so polo shirts won’t be exactly necessary.

And Lilly was one of his greatest supporters, along with his mother, Liza.

“They pushed me to follow my heart, follow my passion, and step out of the box, and push myself creatively—taking what inspiration I find and putting my own touch on it,” Chris said.

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