Contact Lenses Alter Your Eyes In A Scary Way

Contact lenses are a way of life for 30 million Americans who weren’t blessed with perpetual perfect vision or feel that the cool-glasses trend isn’t for them. While contact lens grant their wearers comfort, convenience and obviously sight, there are some hidden downsides, such as the increased risk of some serious eye infections.

To better understand the risks people run when poking those small little discs into their eyes, researchers from the New York University School of Medicine swabbed people’s eye sockets to compare the bacterial diversity of contact lens wearers and non-lens wearers.

The researchers discovered that contact lens wearers were more likely to have skin bacteria in their eyes, which suggests that contact lens can carry all of the gross stuff that can survive on your fingertip, such as staph, strep and other potentially dangerous bacteria with Latin names that you have no shot at pronouncing properly.

These findings basically answer all of our questions as to why contact lens wearers are more susceptible infections that could lead to blindness – especially if you are sleeping in your contact lenses or storing them improperly.

In short? Make sure you’re washing your hands with some hardcore soap and water before you insert or remove your contact lenses. Remember to take them out before you go to bed and avoid showering or swimming while wearing them.

Basically, when your makeup comes off, your contact lenses should be coming out, too.

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