Girl Tweets A Truly Cringe-Worthy Story About The Toilet Not Flushing After Pooping At A Date’s House

girl on toilet


While I continue to deny that girls poop and the only thing that comes out of our butts is rainbows, Twitter user @_blotty is totally giving us up, ladies. But her story is so crazy that I’m willing to forgive her.

For reference, here’s our storyteller, Makela from Toronto:

Like so many, the hero of our story had to drop deuce while at a guy’s place. Unfortunately, Makela realized the toilet wasn’t flushing…after the deed had been done. The events that unfolded as a result are the stuff of nightmares.

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While I have my strong suspicions that this story is more fiction-based than she leads us to believe, it looks like we need to add another chapter to our guide to pooping at your boyfriend’s house: How to wrap up your number two and stuff it in your purse without a guy noticing.

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