These Sisters Have More Style & Instagram Followers At 2 & 3 Years Old Than You’ll Ever Have

Isabella & Scarlett drenk

Isabella & Scarlett Drenk/Instagram

When my sister and I were young, my mom often dressed us in matching outfits. However, it was the ’90s – fashion was in a weird place. Let’s just say that we were nowhere near as stylish as sisters Isabella and Scarlett Drenk. At just 2 and 3 years old, these pint-size fashionistas are quickly becoming Instagram-famous for their adorable ensembles.

While North West and Blue Ivy used to top our list of tots who give us closet-envy, Isabella and Scarlett are giving the celeb kids a run for their money. Of course, this is thanks to large part to their mom, health coach Stacy Drenk.

She told, “I used to own and run a high-end consignment boutique. Once I had my girls, I sold the store and have continued to explore fashion with them. Whenever we dressed up, I took photos, it seemed they enjoyed it so much, I started @DrenkGirls. Soon after, I was introduced to some small shops. I know the struggle that small shops go through, having had my own, and I was delighted to use our photography fun to support both the hardworking small businesses and our need for fashion!”

The Drenk ladies are using their fame for a great cause too – Stacey says they were able to gift over 100 American girl dolls last year for Christmas to children in need.

Check out the girls’ best looks below.

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