This Girl Is An Instagram Rock-Climbing Star At Only 4-Years-Old

Hadlie Brechler is a 4-year-old rock climber – something that you don’t hear every day, or really ever. However, with the help of her parents, Brechler has attempted risky climbs that are shared by her father and mother on Instagram. This means that Hadlie Brechler is not only an accomplished rock climber at the age of four, but also a social media celebrity. Her mother, Morgan Brechler, has almost 110,000 followers on Instagram.

And you can’t even get your lazy self to the gym.

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You'll probably watch this 12-89 times.

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According to Good Morning America, Hadlie, who lives in Arizona with her mother and father, learned to climb when she was only 1-year-old. Jared Marvel, Hadlie’s father, said, “I leaned up a sheet of plywood against the side of our house and put some rock holds on it and she started climbing.”

Basically, Hadlie’s parents do the exact opposite of what you might see other mothers and fathers do at the playground. Morgan told Good Morning America, “I hear parents [say], ‘Slow down! Don’t climb that! Stay out of trees! We spot her when she’s climbing and it’s very safe.”

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@bornwildproject is so much more than just a film, it’s a movement. We also will be creating a website that can serve as a hub to connect parents and future parents all over the world to find inspiration, more knowledge, empowerment, tips and passion in getting their families and future families outside. So while yes, the film is to be beautiful, powerful and inspirational.. There is still a very dark, saddening topic at large here that we feel needs to be brought to attention and addressed.. Before it’s too late. It breaks my heart to know a lot of children in today’s society are robbed from the freedom of exploring outside. Aside from getting children outside, nutrition is extremely important to me, as some of you may know based on all my Facebook posts over the years on this topic. I truly believe that all of this goes hand in hand and there is a real opportunity here to make a difference and some serious positive changes.. Let’s say goodbye to ipads after school, at the dinner table and on the weekends and say hello to climbing trees, rolling down grass hills and making mud pies. Whether you have time to go camping every week or only have time to go to your local parks. Whether you’re new to hiking or have conquered The John Muir Trail. We as a community can come together for the children who are the future of our planet. How you can help, go to our Kickstarter (link is listed in my bio!) check it out and make your pledge to join us in the movement. Share our story with everyone you know! No contribution is too small. There's 104,000 of you following me on here!!! Mind blowing & super weird to wrap my head around!!! You are all born wild, let's make sure we can all stay wild in the craziness of today's routines! Cheers.

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The couple has created an organization called The Born Wild Project to encourage other parents to introduce their children to nature.

Hadlie, and I can’t reiterate this enough, at the age of four, has already explored the Grand Canyon, taken hikes through Hawaii and Mexico, camped under the stars and climbed canyon walls, according to People.

What have you done today?

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