As If Your Trust Issues Weren’t Bad Enough Already, New Study Reveals People Lie…A Lot

Remember that time you told your friend you were on your way when you hadn’t even showered yet? Well, apparently you’re not the only one.

A new study by DIRECTV reveals that most people tend to lie a couple times a day, but they’re not necessarily white lies. Telling a dude you’re on the pill when you’re not isn’t cool. Neither is telling someone you’re interested in more than just sex when all you want to do is bone.

Interestingly enough, some lies seems to be universally acceptable- like saying you love the cheesemaking kit someone got you for Christmas, when really you’re like WTF?!


Unfortunately, unless someone is hooked up to a lie detector 24/7, you can never be too sure if someone’s pulling a Pinocchio on you or not. Great. 🙄

The study asked 2,000 people to confess their lies, rate the severity of them, and reveal who they lie to most. The results may surprise you…and make you never want to talk to anyone ever again.

Thank you, DIRECTV, for making my trust issues even worse.

For more on the study, head to DIRECTV.

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