Starbucks Is Selling Alcoholic Slushies, And Omg Dreams Really Do Come True

Are you ready for this? Brace yourself. Starbucks has created a Frappuccino-like drink, but with alcohol. Rejoice! Unfortunately, they’re only selling them in Japan…and only for today. Sorry for that rollercoaster ride of emotions.

The “Wine Fraggino” uses a local Japanese wine (which sounds amazing) to create a delicious slushy-like beverage of your dreams.


The drink was initially created to celebrate the launch of the chain’s Starbucks Evenings menu at a store in Japan, but we think it should makes its way stateside. Some U.S. stores have already launched the Evenings menu, but they only serve beer and wine. Boo. 

Can we get a petition going on this? If not, I’m totally down to go to a Starbs in Japan. Just saying. Quick vacay, anyone?

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