57 Thoughts We Had While Watching The iHeartRadio Music Awards

1. Didn’t really know this awards show was a thing, but I’m not mad about it.

2. Justin Derulo has serious moves.

3. Okay, I’ve heard Justin do the acoustic version of “Love Yourself” one too many times. Over it!

4. Finally something other than “Sorry” and “Where are U Now!” This is my jam.

5. Why can I hear Justin breathing while he’s dancing? Very uncomfortable, make it stop.

6. Not even phased by Justin’s hair changes anymore.

7. All I want is for the camera to cut to Selena during Justin’s performance.

8. Confused by this sports broadcast thing that’s happening.

9. Okay, Meghan Trainor, I see you with that choreo.


11. Very confused by this motor crossed/Fetty Wap performance. Just waiting for someone to get slammed by a runaway bike.

12. SLAY DEMI SLAY. Most talented former Disney star in the game.

13. Brad Paisley is all of us watching Demi Lovato kill it.

14. Wow I forgot how obsessed I am with Justin Timberlake. Side note: Him and Jimmy Fallon are bromance goals.

15. Taylor Swift has won over 200 awards? *Google searches said awards*

16. Regretting not going to see this 1989 concert now…

17. Yes, we get it Taylor, you and Adam (Calvin Harris) are soulmates. Stop rubbing it in to all of us mere mortals.

18. Loving this “Grease” look on Chris Brown.

19. Yeah, sorry Derulo, Breezy’s got you beat on the dancing front.

20. I don’t know who Bebe Rexha is, but she is my new girl crush, red get up and all.*Adds song to Spotify playlist*

21. HAHA BONO AND THE  EDGE ARE NOT FEELING G EAZY AND BEBE (Yes, Bebe and I are on a first-name basis now)

22. Pharrell looks so uncomfortable up there. This is making me cringe.

23. This is the strangest, but weirdly fantastic acceptance speech…

24. Honestly, every time I see Bono I have major flashbacks to Across the Universe or listening to Beautiful Day on my first edition iPod mini.

25. Did anyone else just see Diplo run over that guy?

26. Justin, the stone cold act is getting old.

27. Keke Palmer is just too cool for school.

28. “Cake by the Ocean” will never get old. I freakin’ love this song.

29. The guitar player in DNCE is my idol. Like, I want to be her.

30. Requesting Jonas Brothers reunion ASAP.

31. Haha I love the bass player.

32. Cute, Demi and Joe…cue Camp Rock flashbacks.

33. This mash-up with “Freak Out” is totally working for me!

34. *Searches for DNCE tour* I need to see these guys in concert.

35. Kat Graham and Derek Hough would make a super cute power couple.

36. Finally a smile from Justin!

37. Honestly, I’d wear what Justin’s wearing rn…

38. I was over “Animals” last summer when it was on the radio every second of every day…

39. This sound quality is horrid.

40. Really wanting some feud to happen between Joe and Zayn over Gigi.

41. I feel like Jason Derulo and Chris Brown are competing for the same role in the music world. They are essentially the same.

42. Typical Jason Derulo song: Not a fan, but will be hardcore jamming to it in a week.

43. Haha, Taylor wins another award and is too busy playing with lights. That’s when you know you’ve won too many awards.

44. Zendaya is so smooth and so much cooler than me.

45. Wishing Zayn had more of a stage presence to go with his fab vocals. Dance, man!

46. Missing the pink hair.

47. I retract everything I just said. Be still my heart. Gigi, you are one lucky girl.

48. Zayn needs to go on tour now.

49. The Weeknd never disappoints. NEVER.

50. For anyone who is on the fence…see The Weeknd in concert. YOU WILL NOT REGRET IT.

51. Selena is presenting…cut to Justin PLEASE.

52. Okay, jacket on or off Selena, none of this “off the shoulder” crap.

53. Taylor Swift knows how to give one hell of an acceptance speech. I assume she should after giving over 200 of them…

54. “This is probably my last awards show for a while.” T. Swift! Say it ain’t so!

55. Let’s be honest, we don’t care if Iggy Azalea performs, we just want her to address the cheating rumors.

56. Of the array of artists that could close the show, why Iggy? Mediocre at best..

57. Two words to describe this experience: surprisingly entertained.

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