Melissa McCarthy Slays Like The Comedic Queen That She Is In ‘The Boss’

I think we can all agree that Melissa McCarthy is one of the funniest actresses out there. In fact, I would even venture as far to say that she’s the funniest. (Kristen Wigg is pretty high up there too.) But I’ve been a true fan of McCarthy since her days on Gilmore Girls, and she’s proven to be quite the comedic genius in Hollywood.

After arguably skyrocketing to fame post-Bridesmaids (2011), McCarthy has starred in several films like The Heat (2013), Identity Thief (2013), Spy (2015), Tammy (2014), and the forthcoming Ghostbusters (2016). The critics have a hard time admitting these are anything other than total box office flops, but I think they need to dig a little deeper into their uptight, soulless selves. They laughed; they just don’t want to admit it.

The Boss revolves around the “47th wealthiest woman in America,” Michelle Darnell (Melissa McCarthy), who is sent to prison after she’s caught doing insider trading. In an attempt to win back the public’s forgiveness, she begins a new sugary-sweet venture (literally) by rebranding herself as a brownie-making Girl Scout-esque executive. With Claire (Kristen Bell) and her daughter Rachel (Ella Anderson) helping Michelle through the process (and hilariously making fun of the actual Girl Scouts along the way- no offense, kids), the three become a unique family of sorts – something Michelle isn’t used to; she bounced around from foster home to foster home as a child.

The film is written by McCarthy, her real-life hubby Ben Falcone (who also makes an appearance in the film, as he does in all of her films), and Steve Mallory, so you know the jokes are insane…and pure gold. If we dig a bit deeper into it, though, many seem to think it’s a feminist takedown of the Girl Scouts. However, in a recent interview with Refinery 29, McCarthy is quick to respond to the rumors.

“No one wanted Michelle. She built up this wall. She was capable, smart, and did everything she wanted. Then when that all falls apart, when she goes to jail, she’s like, ‘What do I have left?’ If power and money go, you need people. People need people. So really, it’s a movie about Barbra Streisand.”

If this doesn’t sum up why I love this woman, I don’t know what does.

TBH, this movie was pure joy. I’m talking like when your friend unexpectedly offers to pay for your meal kind of joy. Or when you wake up and find out that your class is cancelled kind of joy. Or when you have an itch on your foot and manage to relieve it without having to take your shoe off kind of joy. In other words, I suggest you go see it. I was literally laughing till I cried. Granted, I tend to cry pretty easily.

Hey Rotten Tomatoes, take back the one star you gave this film. Melissa McCarthy is worth way more than you ever will.



The Boss hits theaters Friday, April 8, 2016.

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