Adele’s Makeup Artist Just Revealed The Secret Behind Her Perfect Eyeliner

While you might not be able to belt out a song quite like Adele can, at least there is some consolation in that you can at least copy her famous 25 eyeliner to freshen up your daily makeup routine. Her makeup artist just revealed the secrets behind Adele’s iconic look – and it turns out it involves a lot of gel eyeliner, an unexpected way to apply mascara and a whole lot of patience.

Lisa Eldridge, a makeup artist, said that her YouTube channel viewers were begging for an Adele-inspired makeup tutorial. She called up Michael Ashton, Adele’s actual makeup artist, who has been working on Adele’s hair and makeup for nine years.

As one does, you know?

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So, how do you get the look? Ashton says he first applies Bobbi Brown eyeliner to the back of his hand to dry it out. He then applies it with an eyeliner brush, starting from the middle inner corner of the eye and brushing it out. He gradually builds up thickness before creating that infamous wing and stretching the eyeliner towards the inner corner of the eye.

The key trick is to keep reapplying in order to keep the color solid and dense. Ashton also suggests keeping the brush as close to the lash line as possible.

Ashton uses a Tom Ford eye shadow quad before applying eyeliner to create a golden bronze effect. After the eyeliner and false lashes have been applied, he swipes Diorshow mascara to the back of his hand and then applies it on the lower lash line with a mascara fan brush.

To finalize the look, he uses a liquid liner with a “tar” consistency and a fine brush to do a final eyeliner swoop. He grooms the eyebrows with a clear gel, brow pencil and eye shadow.

It’s clearly not very easy to look like Adele, but we can sure try.

You can watch the full makeup tutorial below via YouTube if you’re feeling ambitious.

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