Devon Murray, AKA Seamus, Apparently Blew His ‘Harry Potter’ Earnings On “Drinks, Cars, & Girls”

Scott Gries/Getty Images

Apparently Seamus Finnigan is a big playboy.

The court ruled today that Irish actor Devon Murray must pay €260,000 (about $296,166 USD) in commission fees to his former agent, but apparently the former Hogwarts student isn’t doing so well financially.

Devon, who appeared in many of the Harry Potter films, apparently blew his fortune on “drinks, cars, and girls,” according to his mom.

His mother Fidelma Murray told the court, “He was a teenage boy. He went drinking. He went out with girls. He bought cars. I only have one child. I wasn’t going to give out to him over that.”

Apparently the court also heard that Devon requested for a sound system in his trailer, his own apartment, and to be driven in a Lexus during his time on set for the Harry Potter movies.

Devon, now 27, even took to Twitter to poke a little fun at his spending.

Fidelma explained that the family moved recently due to their financial struggles despite that Devon still “gets about £1,000 a month [about $1,400 USD] and that’s over all eight movies.”

Devon took to Twitter again today to thank fans for their support during the trial.

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