West Virginia Fraternity Suspended Over ‘Real World’ Audition Tape

The Delta Tau Delta fraternity at West Virginia University has been suspended indefinitely after a member of the frat posted a video online showing him making a slew of sexist comments inside a frat house.

The student, Stephen Budkey, created the tape in order to audition for the MTV reality show, Real WorldMTV held an open casting for Real World at West Virginia University last month, according to the Charleston-Gazette Mail.

Budkey tweeted that he made it through the second stage of auditions for the reality television program in March and is believed to have made the audition tape during his college’s spring break, when the frat house was empty, according to the Daily Mail.

In the video, Budkey refers to women as “b*tches” and claims that he has had sex behind a dumpster. He also claims that he has “b*tches” who clean his room in the frat house. You can watch a small clip from the nine minute video below.

[protected-iframe id=”9b9b49246de25453ba1103da3c8ec457-860993-90636152″ info=”http://www.dailymail.co.uk/embed/video/1280714.html” width=”698″ height=”573″ frameborder=”0″ scrolling=”no”]

The full details of the video are not available as the video was deleted from his YouTube page.

Roy Baker, the associate dean of students and director of Greek life at WVU, slammed Budkey for the video. He said:

“It’s unfortunate that the action of one individual sully the reputation of an entire organization, but the attitudes and behavior lifted up in this video are inconsistent with the values of Greek life in general and this University in particular.”

Delta Tau Delta’s suspension comes after almost 1,000 members of Greek life at the university volunteered in the community last week.

Budkey told the Daily Mail that he was apologetic for his actions. He claims that he was only trying to play the part of an outrageous reality television star. He said:

“This was an over exaggeration of my personality, in order to stand out among other candidates. I was under the impression that my crude behavior and language was what casting directors were in search of, so I played the part.”

It’s frankly horrifying that someone would be so quick to amplify their misogyny in the name of brief fame.

The Intrafraternity Executive Council (IFC) will be taking the “appropriate sanctions” against the fraternity within the next few days.

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