6 Reasons To Sleep With Whoever You Want Without Regret


You wouldn’t even be reading this right now if it weren’t for the sex your parents had years ago! So why do we deny ourselves the opportunity to participate in such a beautiful experience? It’s more than likely because you’re fearful of what someone might think of you. Sleeping with whoever you want doesn’t mean you have to sleep around. Slow and steady wins the race and I’d suggest one guy at a time, but you don’t have to try and stick to having sex with only three people in your lifetime. I mean, let’s face it – most of us passed that limit a long time ago. Whether you’re afraid of what people would think of you or looking for some clarification on why it’s okay to do it, here are six reasons to sleep with who you want without regret. Let’s get into it!

1. Sex is beautiful.

Like I said, mistake or not, you wouldn’t have the breath of life if it weren’t for your parents having some (hopefully mind-blowing) sex. Sex is a beautiful experience that should be shared with someone special; it doesn’t mean you have to give them your whole life because you chose them to be that special person. Sure, it’s a plus if the two of you fall in love and decide to sleep with each other for the rest of your lives, but how often does that happen these days?

2. Sex does not devalue your human worth.

Contrary to popular belief, your human worth does not decrease with the number of times you’ve had sex. You’re not a car and you don’t have mileage. Hopefully, out of self-respect, you won’t overdue it. Partaking in sexual activity is special, as I’ve said already. When you participate, you should remember that at all times. Don’t have sex with just any guy; don’t have sex unless you want to; and have passionate, mind-blowing sex every single time. You won’t steer yourself wrong or have any regrets if you keep those three things in mind.

3. Nobody has to know.

No if, ands, or buts about it. The only people who need to know about the sexual encounters you’ve had are inside your head–or am I the only one who has voices in their head? This is another reason why it’s so important to make sure you’re choosing the right kind of people to share a sexual experience with. Don’t sleep with someone who can’t keep it to themselves. Your sex life is your business, period.

4. There are major health benefits to having sex.

Just Google it if you don’t believe me. Why should you deny yourself a healthier lifestyle because you’re afraid of what someone might think of you?

5. If your limit is three to five, you’re bound to max out before you find “the one.”

Finding love is hard as f*ck. If you’ve set a limit for yourself, you’ll probably do one of two things – pass it or settle. Instead of worrying about a limit, just engage. Don’t feel bad about it and take a chance at finding love in a way that’s a lot more fun!

6. Sexual contact is a natural desire – it’s okay!

We all get horny. We all think about sex. It’s natural and more importantly, it’s nothing to be ashamed about! As long as you’re choosing partners that care about their health and you’re maintaining yours as well, engage in a healthy sex life. You don’t have to regret sleeping with different people. Again, you should not sleep with multiple people at once, but you can sleep with more than three people in your lifetime.

Get out there and live!

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