Iggy Azalea Issues Nick Young A Serious Cheating Warning

Iggy, if you’re so concerned about Nick Young cheating on you again, this might be the opportune time to dumb your fiance’s *ss instead of making physically threatening threats against his genitals on live radio.

Earlier this month, Iggy’s fiance, Los Angeles Laker Nick “Swaggy P” Young was caught on camera discussing his hookup with a 19-year-old woman. Following the release of the footage, Iggy remained fairly silent, but hinted to her fans that she would be staying with Young.

@lggysBae @7TeenStan @azaleathot if theres proof of cheating, shed be doing me a favor to post it actually. im not tryna marry a cheater.

— IGGY AZALEA (@IGGYAZALEA) March 31, 2016

@ROBUARYY nothing really. im chillin for now.

— IGGY AZALEA (@IGGYAZALEA) March 31, 2016

@phagmob i agree, nothing is black and white in life. every situation is different depending on the circumstance.

— IGGY AZALEA (@IGGYAZALEA) March 31, 2016

However, she has decided to change her silent stance on the situation. Today in an interview with Orlando & The Freakshow radio show, Iggy got candid about her feelings when asked about the possibility of Young cheating on her again. She said, “I’m not cool with it. Like you’ll have half a penis. I already said, I was like, one more video, just one more thing and you will lose a quarter of your meat.”

Iggy has such an eloquent way with words.

She clarified why she was granting Young amnesty this time. Iggy said that there was no “real evidence” that he cheated, but she did suggest that should she get her hands on real evidence the next time he “cheats,” Young’s penis will be on the line.

As a result of the relationship drama, Young has not played in a basketball game since March 8 because “[Young is] not here with us mentally,” according to head coach, Byron Scott.

Iggy, seriously, just dump him.

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