Photoshop Fail! Part Of Victoria Beckham’s Thigh Is Missing In A Shot For Vogue

Anthony Harvey/Getty Images

Victoria Beckham is known for looking fabulous at all times, but the latest photo shoot of Posh Spice has some fans calling for the head of some Vogue photo editors.

In one black and white shot of Victoria, it appears that part of her thigh is just plain gone.

Vogue China

Do you see it? Right above her left foot, a part of her thigh seems to be missing…and Victoria’s just totally unaware.

Vogue China

While many people were quick to point out the apparent mistake, others claim it’s just the way her white undies and blouse fall combined with some shadows.

“Stunning!!! Someone said the thigh of her back leg is missing but it’s just her shirt,” wrote one. “Clearly it’s a white body suit that blends into the background. LOL. Silly people,” another suggested. “It’s totally just the back of her shirt!” said another.

A spokeswoman for Beckham dismissed speculation the image had been doctored, pointing out it was “simply the shirt tucked under from behind.”

Either way, the illusion of her incomplete thigh is hard to unsee.

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