This 25-Year-Old Woman Quit Her Job To Make Bank Traveling Around The World In Luxury

Jill DeConti/Instagram

We all have fantasies of quitting our jobs, selling our possessions, and globetrotting around the world. Well, 25-year-old Jill DeConti actually did that…and she’s still making six figures per year.

It sounds impossible, but Jill swears it’s possible. Just last year she was working in finance in a cubicle, and now she blogs, sources products online, and runs a marketing company from a MacBook wherever she finds herself in the world. This includes exotic Indonesian beaches, road trips in New Zealand, or private villas in Bali. Jill also publishes an e-book and e-courses on her experiences and coaches women looking to travel or start their own businesses.

“It’s never been easier to make money online, but it takes an incredible amount of work and determination to do it successfully,” Jill told Daily Mail.

A typical day involves walking up and working for a few hours. Then there’s time for hiking, checking out tropical beaches, or discovering hidden gems. Then it’s a few hours of work before bed. Jill said she opted to specialize in luxury travel (“because why not”) and has started a blog and Instagram account called TheLuxeTravelers that are full of postcard-worthy photos.

Although she misses her friends and family back home, her 29-year-old boyfriend is along for the ride, presumably serving as her built-in photographer.

“The experience has exceeded all expectations,” Jill says. “The best part is that I have a partner doing this with me, so I get to share traveling and the business aspect with him. I think it’d be much harder to juggle everything all on my own!”

Check out some of Jill’s photos below, but be warned that you’ll be very tempted to say goodbye to your cubicle.

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