Don’t Ask Tess Holliday How She Feels About The Term “Plus-Size”

Mark Davis/Getty Images

Time to get a bit more creative, journalists. Tess Holliday is so done with being asked about how she feels about the term “plus-size.”

In a last and final answer on the subject, Tess tweeted, “Here’s my answer: I’m plus size, f*ck you.”

She wrote along with a screenshot of her tweet, “There are plenty of things to get offended about, but taking a term that’s never been used in hate & is merely a descriptor & trying to take away OUR community is not.”

While some plus-size models prefer to be called “sexy curvalicious” rather than “plus-size” (looking at you, Ashley Graham), Tess is proud to be plus-size and loves her body as it is. She should too – her bod is currently working hard to produce the miracle of life. Tess is seven months pregnant with her second child!

So feel free to call her plus-size. She clearly doesn’t mind.

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