WATCH: Cruel Brothers Convince Their Sister A Zombie Apocalypse Broke Out While She Was Getting Her Wisdom Teeth Removed


This makes me really glad that I don’t have any brothers.

One of my biggest regrets in life is not being around when my sister got out of her wisdom teeth removal surgery. Apparently she just cried nonstop for a few hours, but I wish I could have been around to mess with her the ways these two brothers did with their wisdom toothless sister.

Instead of letting her spew out crazy talk like most post-wisdom tooth removal videos, these guys had a plan to freak their sis out big time.

While driving home from the dentist, one brother plays a “radio announcement” that a virus has broken out. They start packing to get to Mexico, and even got mom in on it. But the funniest part is when they start forcing their sister to make decisions in her hazy and confused state. Let’s just say that the dog wouldn’t make it.

Check out the full video below.

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