Girl Gets Kicked Out Of Gym For Wearing Super Cute Workout Top, And WTF I Hate Everyone

There are two types of people at the gym: those who wear old, slightly stained t-shirts and those who are dressed in Victoria’s Secret from head to toe. Personally, I’m the latter….hello, everything has to match. Yet Danielle from Washington and Lee University apparently looked so damn fine, she was asked to leave.

Feast your eyes on this borderline erotica photo! WARNING: NSFW.


Oh, JK, it’s just a girl in a super cute tank top that I must have. (FYI, it’s from Lululemon.) Sure, maybe it looks like she’s about to do some basic 15-minute elliptical workout and then meet up with her sorority sisters to grab some froyo, but she looks cute dammit. And who are we to judge?

But apparently she looked a little too cute. Oh, and she was on the elliptical- just saying. I’ll let Danielle tell the story.


Ya hear that?! On Women’s Equal Pay Day. If these HGH-infused beefcakes can’t keep themselves from popping a boner at the university gym because of a keyhole that – gasp! – reveals her back, they should be the ones to leave. I’ve definitely seen girls doing that thrust-y booty workout where you clench your butt in the air in nothing more than booty shorts and a sports bra, but by all means, kick out the girl who’s showing her back.

Way to go, society. We’re officially backtracking.

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