10 Reasons Scorpio Is The Most Interesting Sign To Date


Let me be clear: I’m a Scorpio and proud.

However, I don’t think Scorpio is the most interesting person to date just because I’m lucky enough to be one. Dating a Scorpio requires a lot out of you, but in most cases, (if you’re willing to put in the work) necessary the results are amazing. Scorpio is without question the most difficult sign to figure out – we’re a beautiful, complicated mess. We’re art. Some people look at all of our chaos and think, “Wow, what a masterpiece,” while others look and see just that – chaos. Nevertheless, although we are a challenge to date, it’s also an incredibly memorable and rewarding experience. Whether things end or you stand the test of time, you’re bound to enjoy the majority of the moments you share while dating a Scorpio. Besides, nothing worth having comes without hard work, so there’s that. Here are 10 reasons Scorpio is the most interesting person to date. Let’s get into it!

1. We’re confident.

If you didn’t know already, Scorpio is very confident. Even when we doubt ourselves a little, we are still very confident in who we are and what we are capable of. This can be difficult when dating Scorpio because it can come off as being conceited or narcissistic, but don’t perceive it that way. We’re confident, yes, but we also want our counterpart to be just as confident and we will build you up so that you feel just as good about yourself as we feel about you!

2. We’re sexy.

Although we are something like sex gods (you know it’s true), we take pride in being sexy. Having amazing sex is wonderful, but what makes that sex so great for Scorpio is that burning desire that our partner has for us. Scorpio loves to feel wanted. We thrive on that feeling, if you ask me. We will go above and beyond to be sexy for our partner just to make sure that the desire stays the same or gets stronger throughout the relationship.

3. We’re passionate.

I don’t know a single Scorpio who isn’t passionate about something. If you’re being honest with yourself, you probably don’t either. Passionate people are more vibrant in just about every area of their life. That will show very often within your relationship. You can count on Scorpio to be excited about the happenings within your life personally and the relationship you two share. You can count on Scorpio to support you and your dreams. You can count on Scorpio to love you as deeply and strongly as they can.

4. We’re private.

Scorpio is very open and honest, but don’t confuse that for us not being private. We are the kind of people you can have a guiltless one-night stand with. We are the kind of people who you can confide in without worrying about us telling anybody. I won’t lie–we don’t tell our business, but we want to know yours. We enjoy being the loyal friend you can confide in and expect honest advice from.

5. We’re crazy.

You love the fact that we’re crazy. It’s a rush! Dating a Scorpio is never boring because the passion we embody causes us to do everything as deeply as we know how to. That means we fall crazy in love when dating. It’s not that we want to be crazy for no reason, we’re just crazy about the person we are with. It’s a good thing. I promise.

6. We’re spontaneous.

Dating Scorpio will never be boring because we’re always down to try something new. If you like to be in control, you’ll learn early on that dating Scorpio will be very challenging for you, but one way to work around that is to present your way of doing things in a fun, spontaneous way. Scorpio will more than likely receive your ideas well when done this way.

7. We’re loyal.

Some people call it clingy; some people call it crazy; we call it loyalty. When dating a Scorpio, you become one of our most prized possessions. We love you. We want to do anything we can to keep you and protect you. We always have your back and we won’t let anybody disrespect or hurt you.

8. We’re in control.

We like to be in control of things and this is where it becomes really difficult for a lot of people to date Scorpio. However, just because we like to be in control doesn’t mean when you allow us to be in control that we we don’t guide the relationship in the right direction. Most times, we are able to put and keep the relationship in a really good position and we do all that we can to keep things fun, interesting, and passionate.

9. We’re honest.

Don’t ask us anything you don’t want to know the real life answer to. Scorpio is known for our abrupt honesty. We never intend to hurt your feelings, but because we are so loyal and passionate, we don’t feel comfortable offering you anything but the truth. When dating Scorpio this is another challenging part of the relationship, but again, it’s a hidden benefit.

10. We’re free.

The most beautiful thing about Scorpio is how free we are. If that doesn’t make dating interesting, I don’t know what will. Scorpio’s passion shines through in everything that they do, but the other thing that is always very blatant about Scorpio is their free spirit. If they are in a committed relationship, they have chosen you to take care of their soul for that time–it’s a choice because Scorpio definitely isn’t one to be tied down against our will.

All the good things in life take some work. Dating a Scorpio is indeed a challenge and we’ll certainly make you work for it, but it the end it’s totally worth it.

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